Meet The Sheriff

Sheff - SPL Agency

The tender beginnings of this international upstart began in the rumbling urban decay of the Midlands. His affinity for music was apparent from when he was but a child, nurturing a vocal talent that saw him be the lead baritone for the influential National Symphony Choir. Pious and virginal beginnings were only the start of his sonic and spiritual journey. Taking in a variety of influences in his teenage years Sheff always saw a different side to the mundane normalities accepted and endured by his peers.

Whilst studying for an International Business degree at Manchester University, Sheff was already building contacts throughout the world, editing music magazines in Prague and travelling the world developing a grasp of his place in humanity. It was only since moving to London did he find his place, his calling. Exploring and being a leading figure in the creative warehouse culture of East London, he began to delve further into Music, a passion that always remained, a burning desire that allowed him to share his love for the happiness of others and positive vibrations for all. Pulling inspirations from Berlin, Ibiza and the ’90s landscape of New York and Chicago, Sheff has begun to craft a sound and appreciation for quality electronic music which has led him to become an artist manager and agent at Slowpoke London.

A man of great aesthetics and merging philosophies and concepts together he is a modern day ‘Egyptian lover meets P-Diddy’ with a Greek feta twist. What is certain is that you are in his city now, the man with the badge, The Sheriff.


1) He sang for Queen Elizabeth on her birthday.

2) He plays a mean harmonica.

3) Cooks the best seafood this side of the Mississippi.

4) Speaks Greek and Arabic.

5) Some call him the gangster of love.

Sheff’s TOP 5 tracks from the roster:

Modern Amusement – Cold As Ice (Louie Fresco Remix)

Jesse Perez – Hialeah House Party  [OFF Recordings]

Death on the Balcony – One Thing

Tboy – As U (Original Mix)

Puente & Rosch – This Feeling


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