James Pople at Mixmag Live

James Pople plays Mixmag Live Presents Solomun

Tomorrow night our very own James Pople joins the legendary Solomun at Fire in Vauxhall for the next Mixmag Live offering. Through hard work and determination, he’s become one of the go-to deep house DJs here in London, and with tracks like this summer’s smash Who’s That Girl out on Feast Records and previous releases on Lower East, Resonance and Love Not Money; it’s not hard to see why. We caught up with James ahead of his set tomorrow night to find out what the crowd at Fire has in store and what he’s got planned for next year…

What’s in your record bag for Mixmag Live Presents?

I’ve got a good mix of some of my favourite tracks that I’ve loved throughout the whole year as well as some corker promos that are soon to be released or have just released. It’s a good time of year to buy music as all the labels want to get their 2012 catalogue tracks out before the year ends and also finish off the year on a high.

What’s your favourite Solomun track?

It would have to be Love Recycled 3 from his EP last year on Diynamic. It was one of the B-sides but it’s a special slice of super deep house that gets me every time.

What’s been your best moment so far in 2012?

I’ve been lucky to have so many highlights this year it’s difficult to choose. My best London gig must have been Deep’art at Basing House last weekend, but playing in Lyon, Naples and Cape Town were all special for their own reasons.

What motto do you live your life by?

I am really cheesy… I have a lot of mottos I live by! I’m a bit of a preacher I think. I’m really enjoying ‘Striving for progression, not perfection’ at the moment as it’s helped me with my production attitude especially.

Since moving to London you’ve gone from playing club nights like Room Service to playing Mixmag events! What does 2013 hold for you?

I’m moving to Ibiza in March next year. I’ll be there for the three months before season to produce and hopefully make some great music. I’ll then be there for the rest of season and will move to Berlin in October.

Who should we have our eyes on next year?

I’d have to say wAFF… he’s definitely impressed me the most out of all the ‘new’ artists this year. He is going to blow up BIG time and he deserves it!

Tell us about your next record…

It’s not been made yet! Ha ha! I’m guilty of having too many pots on the boil and not finishing anything recently. I’ve been working on taking my productions and sound to another level the past few months as I’ve only really been producing just over a year. I can tell you that my ‘new sound’ has much more energy, more funky and more up-tempo. I’m also working on some tracks with The Mekanism which are sounding great. We are in studio together tomorrow before the gig so listen out… you might hear the results at the club!

You’ve achieved so much already… what are you still aiming towards?

I’m aiming high. I won’t pretend, I’ve got big expectations and I always have done with music but without giving too many details I’d say I’d like to make sure I have a long standing career for at least another ten years in this industry as a DJ.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with or remix your work?

Production wise I’d have to say Dyed Soundorom. I love everything he does and play at least one of his records in my set every time. I’ve also met him a couple times before and he is extremely genuine and relaxed which I think is essential to make good music.

And finally, what’s your track of the year?

Tough one… but I’ll go with my intuition and say Where Are You Now by Andre Lodemann. I think it actually came out in 2009 but is one of those records that will always be timeless to me.

Catch James Pople at Mixmag Live Presents Solomun this Friday 14th December from 9pm to late at Fire Nightclub in Vauxhall, London.


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